Free Preview of Pharmacy Technician Certification Practice Tests, Pharmacy Math, and Tutorials for the ExCPT

What we offer;

  1. Quick and Easy - You'll have instant access to an online book. You don't have to study by the computer as you are free to print a copy of this online book. A hardcopy of this book is also available. We use plain English to explain medical concepts and vocabulary. Also, our book is written by a pharmacist (RPh). In contrast, other companies like to cut costs by using pharmacy techs and math teachers to write their books. We invite you to check if it says "RPh" after the name of the author on the book that you're going to buy. Also, we update our educational material every 4 months to reflect changes in the certification exam. Other publishers update their content every 2-3 years. Therefore, we have content that cannot be found anywhere else.
  2. Your Mentor - You might be surprised to find that we are just a small group of pharmacist instructors who will help you pass the certification exam and find a better career. After you join the class, you will be given the personal cell phone number of a pharmacist instructor who will be your mentor. We care about every student as a protégé. You are even welcome to call us on the weekends. Every class is taught by a pharmacist. In contrast, those big corporate education companies will treat you as a customer. As a corporate cost-cutting measure, they hire technicians to teach most of the classes instead of pharmacists. They use deceptive wording and say that they have pharmacists "on staff", but the truth is that these pharmacists just teach a few of their classes. They also hire "specialists" who specialize in writing down your credit card number to answer the phone. They will not answer the phone on the weekends and they certainly don't care.
  3. Live Online Instruction - A pharmacist instructor meets with you live online every Sunday night from 8:00 to 9:00 PM central time. I invite you to click here to view the syllabus. These fully interactive online meetings are held through live internet videoconference with audio. You do not need a microphone and webcam. All you need is browser with a reliable internet connection. Even dialup is fine. Any electronic device with a browser is fine. This includes any Windows™, Linux™, iOS™, Android™, PC, tablet, or smart phone with a browser installed. Because it works with your browser, you don't need to install any special software. The videoconference is very easy to use and live tech support is available on the phone if you have any questions. Our tech support guys (and girls) are helpful, courteous, and will never put you on forever hold like your phone company.
  4. Interactive Quizzes & Practice Tests - After every lesson, you can take a quiz to test yourself. The computer will tell you which questions you got correct and which questions you got incorrect. It will even tell you how to answer the question correctly next time. If you do well on our quizzes and ExCPT practice tests, then you'll do well on the ExCPT exam (hint, hint). In addition, you also get 3 full length pharmacy technician certification practice tests.
  5. Pronunciation Guide - If English is your second language or if you've never worked in a pharmacy before, then you'll need our drug name pronunciation guide. You can listen to pre-recorded audio of drug names in two formats; RealPlayer and wav.
  6. Interactive Tutorials - Watch color audio-visual presentations. During the presentation, the tutorial will ask you questions. If you answer incorrectly, it will explain the topic in more detail. If you have a slow internet connection, we will mail you a disc for a small fee to cover shipping/handling so that you don't have to download anything.
  7. Flash Cards - You will have access to hundreds of electronic flash cards that will help you to memorize just about everything you'll need for the ExCPT exam. This incudes drug names, the metric system, the English system, roman numerals, and more. The demo here is just a small sample of what you'll get after you register for our course. You will be able to access these flash cards from any web enabled device such as your phone, tablet, or computer.
  8. Relaxation - Hey, this isn't academia where they will boot you out the door when the class is over according to their schedule. We invite you to relax, as the course is catered to your schedule. You may attend the minimum mandatory classes on the syllabus before taking the ExCPT exam. However, if you need the extra help, you may attend optional tutoring sessions every week and re-take the course several times before taking the exam (up to 1 year). There is no extra charge for all of this extra instruction. The earlier you register before your anticipated certification date, the more live tutoring and classes you may attend before taking the ExCPT exam. This almost unlimited instruction is the reason why 99% of our students pass the ExCPT exam. You are welcome to learn at your own pace and on your own personal schedule.
  9. Employment Assistance - We will review your resume for you. Also, you may participate in a practice job interview via videoconferenece. Upon request, we will write letters of recommendation for students after passing the videoconference course.
  10. Affordable - The old adage that, "You get what you pay for," is true. If a student pays the thousands of dollars charged by the corporate education companies for their expensive programs, that student will get to support expensive corporate jets, lush corner offices, television advertising, glossy brochures, pharmacy journal advertising, and fat CEO salaries. We keep our course affordable by not having any of the above. All you really need is a pharmacist instructor to tutor you and ensure that you become a certified pharmacy technician. Therefore, that's all you will be paying for. Every member of our staff is a pharmacist and there's no need for expensive advertising because many of our present students are referred to us by satisfied past students.
  11. Guarantee Success - We guarantee that you'll pass the ExCPT exam. 99% of our students pass the ExCPT exam. However, the big corporate education companies cannot make these claims because their classes will accept anybody. To turn down any students, is to turn down corporate profits. That's why they will accept students who register for educational programs too close to the testing date. Some even advertise a quick "cram course". How can anybody pass the ExCPT exam after studying only 2 or 3 days? Imagine what a low pass rate their students must have. We routinely turn away students who try to register too close to the test date. The only thing a corporate education company is concerned with is corporate profits. You might be surprised to find that the only thing we're concerned about is your success.
Easy and Quick Review - All our explanations are illustrated and/or color coded, where appropriate, for easy comprehension. This is a superior way to learn many topics, including math and vocabulary. Interactive Quizzes- Each lesson is accompanied by interactive quizzes. You may take these quizzes online and the computer will tell you which quiz questions you answered correctly and which quiz questions you answered incorrectly. Furthermore, if you get any quiz questions wrong, the computer will show you how to answer that question correctly. These quizzes will let you know if you need to study more in a particular topic. We invite you to take the following quiz from our drug regulation section;

1. When will a drug expire if the stock bottle states that the expiration date is 7/2000?
midnight 7-31-2000
midnight 6-30-2000
noon 7-1-2000
noon 8-1-2000

2. A drug was recalled because some patients died from liver failure while on the medication. What type of recall was it?
class 1
class 2
class 3
class 4

3. Which of the following is not a mandatory component of a retail pharmacy prescription label?
pharmacy name
expiration date
physician name
date filled

4. The 1st 5 digits of a NDC number represents?
drug name
drug strength
package size

5. How do therapeutically equivalent generics compare to brand name medication?
same active ingredient and different therapeutic effects
different active ingredient and same therapeutic effects
same active ingredient and same therapeutic effects
different active ingredient and different therapeutic effects

6. Which of the following is not a NSAID?

7. Which law created the DEA?
1938 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act. FDC.
1970 Controlled Substances Act. CSA.
Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. OBRA.
1997 FDA Modernization Act.

8. CII prescription records are required to be kept for how many years by the DEA?

9. A doctor's DEA number is AB1212125. Is this a valid DEA number?
No. This is an intern.
Yes. This number validates
No. This number doesn't validate
No. This doctor is an optometrist

10. Which of the following is not a CII?
oxycodone with acetaminophen

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