What is an Average Pharmacy Technician Salary?

Use this Average Pharmacy Technician Salary Calculator find your future salary;

City Pharmacy Technician Salary, over 100,000 population
Rural Pharmacy Technician Salary, less than 100,000 population
Retail Pharmacy Tech Pay
Hospital or Comounding Lab Pharmacy Tech Pay
Nuclear Pharmacy Tech Pay
Less Than 3 Years Experience
3 Years or More Experience
Uncertified Pharmacy Technician
Certified Pharmacy Technician


How the Pharmacy Technician Average Salary Calculator Works

Other websites and apps will just give you the average pay for pharmacy technicians in general on their website. This is worthless to you because different parts of the country pay differently. Whether you work in the city or a small town and the state you work in determine your pay range. For example, a hospital pharmacy technician in California in a small town will be paid over $4000 per year less than a pharmacy technician working in a major city in California. Then, within this very wide pay range, your specific pay is determined by what type of work you will be doing. For example, a nuclear pharmacy technician in Texas gets paid $10,000 more than a retail pharmacy technician. Finally, your level of experience and certification status will determine how big your paycheck will be. For example, the annual salary of a nationally certified pharmacy technician working in a hospital pharmacy in New York will be paid $2000 more than one who is not nationally certified. To give you an extreme example to illustrate the stupidity of reporting just the average salary of pharmacy technicians without any additional information from you, the average salary of an Alabama retail pharmacy technician who is not nationally certified and has no experience makes less than $7 per hour while a nuclear pharmacy technician in New York City with more than 3 years experience gets paid over $22 per hour.