Free ExCPT Practice Test

The New Ptce Content & Format

The pharmacy technician certification board exam consists of 90 questions, 10 of which are experimental questions that won't count towards your score. You'll have 110 minutes to complete the test. However, when you're doing practice exams, we suggest that you give yourself a little less time per question than on the real exam because many pharmacy technician students are nervous during the real exam so they don't test well even if they know their material. From our over 15 years of experience teaching pharmacy tech students, we've found that the best way to deal with exam nervousness is to prepare students with practice exams that are a little bit harder than the actual exam by giving students only one minute per question and by making the test questions a little harder. You might be surprised to find that after studying with us, you'll feel that the actual exam is quite easy.

New Practice ExCPT Exam

This practice Ptce is not long enough to predict what score you will make on the actual ExCPT exam. However, it does have a big enough statistical sample of questions to predict if you're going to pass the ExCPT test. If you make a perfect score, then you'll probably pass the ExCPT exam. Therefore, you'll only need a short refresher course and buy one book or online self-study course to prepare for the ExCPT exam. Otherwise, we suggest that you take a live course taught by a pharmacist for all your classes. This following pharmacy practice exam has question(s) in every one of the nine "Knowledge Domains" of the new ExCPT test.


  1. Which of the following is a therapeutic duplication pharmacy drug interaction?
    A. Tylenol & Vicodin
    B. aspirin & Tylenol
    C. mannitol & Viagra
    D. Ascriptin & paregoric

    Pharmacy Law and Regulations

  3. Which of the following drugs do not need a doctor’s DEA number on the prescription?
    A. Testosterone
    B. Desoxyn
    C. Halcion
    D. Ascriptin

    Sterile and Non-Sterile Compounding

  5. You have pharmaceutical D10W but you’ve run out of D5W. You need 1000 mL of D5W. How much D10W do you have to dilute with sterile water for injection to make 1000 mL of D5W?
    A. 50 mL
    B. 500 mL
    C. 2000 mL
    D. 5000mL

    Medication Safety

  7. Spillage of which of the following drugs does not require the use of a spill kit to clean?
    A. vincristine
    B. docetaxel
    C. etoposide
    D. garamycin

    Pharmacy Inventory Management

  9. Which of the following medication has to be stored at a temperature of 30-40 deg C?
    A. Mannitol
    B. Augmentin
    C. insulin
    D. levothyroxin

    Pharmacy Order Entry and Fill Process

  11. Which of the following is not a form of hospital pharmacy automation?
    A. Baxter
    B. Omnicell
    C. ScriptPro
    D. Macrobid
  13. Which of the following is a machine used to count tablets and capsules?
    A. Kirby-Lester
    B. ScriptPro
    C. Omnicell
    D. Baxter

    Pharmacy Quality Assurance

  15. 15 patients died of an arsenic overdose due to a pharmaceutical manufacturing impurity in a lot of sildenafil. Which class of recall would this represent?
    A. class I
    B. class II
    C. class III
    D. class IV

    Pharmacy Billing and Reimbursement

  17. Which of the following is not a pharmacy third party payer?
    A. Medicaid
    B. Workman’s Compensation
    C. Private Insurance
    D. None of the above

    Pharmacy Information Systems Usage and Application

  19. A doctor will use which of the following to enter medical orders into a hospital's computer system?
    A. MAR
    B. eMAR
    C. CPOE
    D. All of the above